A Little Rustic Charm in a Not So Rustic Hollywood

A romantic breeze curls it's way through the light shafts of the stunning Lombardi House, a Victorian style estate in the heart of Hollywood, proving once again that beauty shines in even the darkest of places. Surrounded by the typical Hollywood scene; traffic lights, slightly run down fast food restaurants, and littered sidewalks, you would never guess such a beautiful beacon existed amidst the unkempt surroundings. Tucked away, behind a few tall trees, a white fence, and some shrubbery, the historical Lombardi House stands as a gateway to another world, one of luxury and beauty.

Reminiscent to a time when Hollywood was all things glamor and beauty, this 1930's cottage still holds that same breathless charm. Built originally in 1903 as a modest one and a half story shingle style residence, the estate has since passed through several hands before it became the Lombardi House. After an expansion that included colonial revival additions, US Senator, Cornelius Cole maintained the charming cottage for his horses. J.C. Newitt, one of the founding directors of the Hollywood Board Trade, owned the house next, until finally in the 40's, Sylvia and Philip Lombardi acquired the estate. 

The Lombardis, retired Vaudevillian performers, became vocal coaches in Hollywood to some of the biggest stars of their time. They made their mark on Hollywood not just by their vocal coaching, but for their hospitality, done with great style and aplomb. Guests came and dined on fine china and crystal with laugher and music filling the grand estate.

Even as the estate has passed on through the generations, The Lombardi House has continued to stay authentic to its original purpose as a place of great hospitality. Now, the Lombardi Estate is available to rent for overnight stays, events and even to just take a look. It's stunning to think such a beautiful, rustic venue could exist in the middle of Hollywood. Again, a wonderful reminder that beauty can always be found, even in the darkest places. 

Lombardi House

1717 N Bronson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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