The Not So Secret Chestnut Club Society

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If you were ever into the idea of a wardrobe turning into a magical land (Narnia) you'll love the Chestnut Club. Except less snow and mythical creatures, but more 1920's cocktail club. What makes it feel like you've left Santa Monica 2017 and entered New York City 1922 is the stark contrast of what you see outside, verses what you see once you've walked through their unmarked doors. It's like you've time traveled to a modern 1920's cocktail club once you've walked through the doors. The plush leather banquettes, and the 'old man's study' decor they've got happening makes you feel like you've just joined some secret society. 

Alas no secret societies here, just a few really friendly bartenders and some killer old fashions. Los Angeles has a few spots doing the old fashion very right, but The Chestnut Club has landed themselves in our top 5. If you're looking for a chill and quiet vibe, head over any time after it's open to around 7:30pm. If you want to feel like you're in a supper club to meet some new people, the crowds hit around 8pm and it definitely has that vibe. 

FolkLA Fave Dishes:

Deviled Eggs, Deep Fried Pretzal and of course, the Old Fashion.

The Chestnut Club

1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Amanda Brooke