Happy (Hour) All Day at the Semi Tropic

Image Credit -  UrbanDaddy

Image Credit - UrbanDaddy

That age old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” couldn’t ring truer for this quasi hidden gem in Echo Park, The Semi Tropic. The actual storefront window looks like you could be outside a small antique or vintage shop. It isn’t until you’ve walked through the front door that the song “A Whole New World” plays in your head. *Cue and immediately retract the old school Disney reference. The inside feels 5 times bigger than that small storefront window would lead you to believe, with an open floorpan of small tables, floating cocktail tables, and even banquette couches set up to resemble the feel of 3 small living rooms. Normally walking into a bar, you would see all the usual suspects which wouldn’t include people camped out on laptops.

Get ready for the real kicker - THERE IS HAPPY HOUR EVERY WEEK DAY, 9AM - 5PM. I know, I should have led with that. WHAT?! Did my ‘ballin on a budget’ dreams just come true??

Happy hour items for food are limited but perfect for the bar vibe. Olives, pita and hummus, and movie popcorn are items on the happy hour menu, with all the classic cocktails like old fashions and well drinks for $7, and beer and wine for $5. Before you block your schedule out for a full work day at The Semi Tropic, which I certainly was planning to do, the max time for free wifi is two hours. Just enough time to drink an old fashion (or two) and get that paper written! (Laptops are welcome during brunch hours between 9am-5pm)

Everything on all of their menus are reasonably priced and delicious. The decor is fresh and inviting and perfect for a hang with friends, or a work date with you, yourself, and that glass of wine.

The Semi Tropic

1412 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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