The Mystery Yellow Taco House

In an age of asking Siri a question , only to receive the answer a split second later, a little mystery behind a place can feel refreshing. It’s so easy to google a restaurant and instantly get the chef’s bio, the story behind the restaurant, the menus etc. It’s nice to have access to knowledge, but when this small little yellow building caught our attention by serving some of the best tacos in the city, we quickly came to realize this mystery of a spot would stay just that; the mystery yellow taco house.  

Looking at the exterior of this spot, I would have never thought to pull over and actually give it shot. The mystery yellow taco house?! Not the most appealing description of a restaurant. It wasn’t until a more seasoned Angeleno friend took me to Taco Azteca and subsequently gave my tastebuds the best surprise. Everything on their menu is simple and traditional Mexican Food. Burritos, tacos, tortas, and quesadillas are the main features with festive drinks available like the Tamarindo and Horchata. I had a quesadilla my first visit to Taco Azteca and if I didn’t have to ratio the amount of cheese I eat, I’d be back for one every day! The burrito is equally as delicious, made like you’re on the streets of Mexico.

The best part is that parking is totally manageable. The small yellow house sits on the corner of Verdugo and Orange, and while both streets have street parking, Verdugo always has plenty. Complete with a cafe style counter service with patio seating on both sides of the restaurant. An even better perk? If parking and patio seating aren’t your jam, door dash delivers! So take our word for how amazing it is, because if you try and google it, no history or website will show up. Just a facebook page of 400+ likes and not a bad review to be found!

Taco Azteca

143 S Verdugo Rd
Glendale, CA 91205