A PCH Oasis at Malibu Farm

Malibu is known for a couple things; the beautiful coast line views, rolling hills off the coast, and bad traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s not a secret how beautiful the area in and around Malibu is, and because there is really only one way in and out, the PCH or ‘Pacific Coast Highway’, the drive can get stressful. That’s why Malibu Farm has been the perfect oasis from the chaos of the wave chasers and tourists sharing the road with you.

Image Credit -  localemagazine.com

Image Credit - localemagazine.com

Just a few miles after you’ve passed the iconic sign that tells you that you’ve entered the city of Malibu, a cluster of restaurants and shops appear on one side, and the Malibu pier on the other. A parking lot helps convenience and if the $10 price tag scares you, take a deep breath and just pay the fee because parking gets too crazy on the PCH. There have been one too many car accidents from people trying to fit into parking spots along the coast and from people trying to get back onto the PCH but not picking up speed fast enough. Take my advice, $10 is worth the convenience and safety!

The Pier is home to the restaurant Malibu Farm, that comes in two forms. Malibu Farm is just at the entrance and Malibu Farm Cafe is at the very end of the pier, offering a less formal approach to grabbing a bite to eat. The Malibu Farm restaurant at the front is still some what casual but the more formal of the two, offering lunch and dinner. The decor is stunning and though not every seat in the house has a view of the ocean, the view of the interior design is just as lovely. Malibu Farm Cafe offers at the counter ordering to make the feel more relaxed, with open seating. Both restaurant have patios available, but at the end of the pier, the Cafe has two levels of seating, offering a stunning view while you brunch or lunch. (The cafe closes at 4pm every day)

The menus offer a variety of options, whether it’s a dinner for two in the romantic setting of the Malibu Farm restaurant, or a lunch on the patio, overlooking the gorgeous ocean with a kale salad and a chardonnay, Malibu Farm is the perfect oasis from the hustle and bustle of the Pacific Coast Highway (and let’s be honest, life in general!).

Image Credit -  blog.parachutehome.com

Image Credit - blog.parachutehome.com

Malibu Farm

23000 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265

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