A Little Piece of Truffle Oil and Four Cheese Heaven at Wood


It's hard to binge watch New Girl episodes (on a holiday off from work of course) and not come across an episode where pizza (or alcohol) is involved. Between the pizza flashing on the screen and my 'day off Netflix and Chill' (for real chill though, not THAT kinda chill) cravings, pizza quickly became the plan for lunch. After searching what was around my friend's house in Silverlake, the pizza spot, (only a 7 minute walk away) Wood, was an obvious choice!

Open for lunch, an intimate and stylish patio, and THE BEST truffle and four cheese pizza makes going to Wood the perfect relaxing day experience. The lunch menu has a little bit of everything, with salads and sandwiches for those with more will power to not cave into the pizza cravings. The pizza we had was cut into four very large sizes, enough to easily split between two people. 

The dinner menu opens up the experience even more, with main dishes ranging from Salmon to Dry Aged Ribeye, all alongside their creative selection of Neapolitan pizza. Whether it's a truffle and four cheese pizza for lunch on the patio, or a ribeye for dinner, the experience at Wood is laid back and easy, perfect for a date night or a pizza splurge with friends.


2861 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Amanda BrookeComment