Winsome - A (Really) Good To Place To Be

Image Credit - Eater LA

Image Credit - Eater LA

Winsome has been on the to-do list to check out for some time now. The food being delicious goes without saying, but having a tufted banquette with a backdrop mural that looks reminiscent to a park scene in an upscale children’s book sort of wins the (proverbial) cake.

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Winsome has a little bit of everything with design and dining. Between the banquettes, Pullman booths, cozy patio, and the bar, or whether you are coming in for happy hour, brunch, lunch, dinner, or just a coffee, creators Marc Rose and Med Abrous (also responsible for The Spare Room or Genghis Cohen, have thought of every detail to make the wonderful experience that is Winsome.

As unique as the restaurant is, the location, of course, had to be as well. We call it Echo Park but it’s been dubbed as The Forgotten Edge, so forgotten Good Maps hasn’t always remembered to show it on their searches. The real location of Winsome is in a place called Victor Heights, which sits directly in between Chinatown and Echo Park. Fun fact: this neighborhood LITERALLY has peacocks roaming the street. Maybe you’ll see one if you go?!

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With no surprise, the experience at Winsome was wonderful. The restaurant sits at the bottom of a bigger building (designed by William Pereira, designer of Lacma) and can easily be passed if you’re not looking carefully while driving. It technically sits a little farther back, on the corner of Sunset Blvd and White Knoll Dr.

Happy hour is from 4-7 Wednesday through Sunday and with an $8 old fashioned and a $10 burger, you can’t go wrong with a menu like that! Whether it’s happy hour, brunch, or a dinner date, once you arrive you’ll find quickly that their slogan “A good place to be” is quite actually the truth.


1115 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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