Alimento: The Perfect Pairing of Hipster Heaven and Chicken Liver


Driving down Silverlake Blvd has the aesthetic of something out of hipster heaven. As you pass the dog park, the walking trail, and the multi-colored stacked homes, little hole in the wall restaurants and boutiques start to line the street. Thai food, oyster places, coffee shops and a personal recent discovery, a sleek and stylish small hole in the wall Italian restaurant, Alimento. 

Alimento, literally meaning 'food' in Italian, has just that and some of the best of its kind. I have driven down Silverlake Blvd more times than I can count, and never once did I notice this hidden Italian food gem. It wasn't until I was given the task of planning a birthday party for someone that I found Alimento on our good friend, Yelp. 

The chicken liver crostone, pictured above, was something out of HEAVEN. The perfect pairing of sweet and salty. The menu, divided into plates, pastas and platters, are all share worthy and worth getting a taste of as many of the deliciously crafted dishes as you can.

Reservations are needed, as the space is small and it fills up fast. Valet is offered, though there is plenty of street parking, depending on what night you go. The prices are reasonable but this a spot you'll want to go all out on and try as much as you can, so budget accordingly and enjoy a little window into the best kind of Italian food LA has to offer.  


1710 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Amanda BrookeComment