The Silverlake Tree House Experience

Image Credit - Yelp User Bradley T

Image Credit - Yelp User Bradley T

‘Concrete jungle where dreams are made of” - a (reluctant) reference to a song performed by Fergie, written about NYC but could easily describe the majority of City of Angels as well. Sure, we have hiking trails and beaches but there is a lot of concrete in a lot of LA. Picture walking in Silverlake down Sunset Blvd where pavement lines the streets, meeting man-made restaurants, coffee shops, and indie vintage stores. The last thing you would expect would be to encounter an ACTUAL jungle, but that is exactly what happened when we walked into Cliff’s Edge.

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Think Tarzan meets Swiss Family Robinson. A massive tree that looks like 4 individual trees coming out of the same trunk (IMAGINE THAT) acts as the center piece of the entire patio. Multiple levels of seating create a tree house experience, with some seating as much as 10 feet higher than ground level. Sounds extreme right? I promise, Tarzan didn’t actually swing down out of the top level but the treehouse vibes were on point! The patio is great during the day, but it turns into all sorts of magical once night falls. The outdoor hanging lights and Tiki torches really do make you feel as though you’ve been transported into a luxurious jungle.

Open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday but only dinner during the week. For all the oyster lovers (I’m one of them), Thursday’s are $1 oysters with happy hour cocktail specials from 6-8. The highlight of Cliff’s Edge was most definitely it’s jungle-esque patio experience but the interior design has an identity of its own. Imagine something like a grandparent who lives Wyoming. We’re obsessed with out eclectic and eccentric this spot is! The short rib and cauliflower were two favorites for dinner!

Cliff's Edge

3626 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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