Dean Martin and Killer Garlic Rolls

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Pasta, wine, garlic bread, pause... repeat. Menus passed around after you've already ordered, sans food descriptions but with the lyrics to 'That's Amore'. Courtyard patio seating with Italian neighbor onlookers painted onto the high walls of the courtyard, all apart of the Italian experience C&O offers whenever you go.  

The wine is poured, the lyric sheets to 'That's Amore' have been handed out, and suddenly the music changes to that first famous note of Dean Martin crooning. The waiters grab wine (or coke some of them claim it to be) and cheers as many patrons as they can, while singing as loud as they can. It's what you could imagine a big family dinner in Tuscany would look and sound like! 

As to be expected with an Italian restaurant, the menu is chockfull of carbohydrates so be prepared to go all out. Especially with those garlic knots! The greasiest and most delicious garlic bread is served at your table, in portions of six. Just as quick as you eat them, there are another six placed in front you and they're just too good to say no to. So good they market them as actual "Killer Garlic Rolls".

Something unique to C&O Trattoria is that they're open for breakfast as well. We're famous for admiring Italy for their picturesque vineyards and pasta dishes, but it's not a common thing to find an Italian breakfast spot. The typical omelet and frittata can be found on their menu, but if you're feeling extra adventurous, true to their Italian roots, there are few pasta breakfast dishes as well!

To top the whole experience off, it's just 8 doors down from the Venice Pier. So if you've stuffed yourself with garlic rolls and need to walk the extra carbs (and that extra glass of wine) off, taking a stroll down the Venice Pier is the perfect way to end the night!

C&O Trattoria

31 W Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292

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