The First Step of Your Day at Primo Passo

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Neighborhood coffee shops are what make living in big cities feel that much more manageable. You know, the coffee shop just around the corner that you walk to every Tuesday and know you'll see a few of the same, familiar faces there every week. The gentleman sitting by the window, with his fedora and white beard, macchiato and newspaper. The cute couple on their first coffee date, hiding in the corner with their latte and mocha, ever present in their new found interest in each other. The best way to start the day, amongst your Tuesday coffee shop family. 

Primo Passo means 'First Step' in Italian. The 'First Step' of the day should always be started with a good cup of coffee. So, in Italian, Primo Passo is beckoning you in to start your day off on the right foot. As we've learned so well at FolkLA, there is a story behind every restaurant and coffee shop in LA. Primo Passo's story starts 15 years ago, when two budding creative entrepreneurs met in their own neighborhood coffee shop.

Kara and Stewart, owners of Primo Passo, met at a Coffee Bean location in the heart of LA. Every morning, Stewart would get his daily exercise and cup of joe by biking to the same Coffee Bean Kara would always be hanging out at. It didn't take too long for Stewart to realize his morning routine included his daily exercise, a cup of joe, and seeing Miss Kara. 

Kara and Stewart have invited us in to the fruit of their love story. Their passion for community and creativity has created a neighborhood hub for all walks of life. Nestled in a corner of a beautiful Santa Monica neighborhood, the community around the coffee shop has shown their love for taking their first step of the day at Primo Passo by keeping its shop always full. 

The story is great, the atmosphere is even better, and the coffee tops it all. It's one thing to have a good story, but when you complete that story with an excellent cup of coffee, your shop is sure to succeed. The baristas are excellent in the craft and as friendly as ever. Thank you Primo Passo Coffee Co, for supplying our morning coffee and providing such a beautiful and inviting place to drink it! 


Primo Passo Coffee Co

702 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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