You're 'Highly Likely' to Love this Instagramable Spot

There was a day in the not so far distant past, where a restaurant or a coffee shop would be judged solely on the coffee they served or the food they made. A slight nod to aesthetics would be included but nothing like our social media driven day and age. Where a location needs to be 'instagrammable' as much as their food needs to be edible. The benefit we the consumers get, is a beautifully curated experience when we do visit these frequently posted establishments and we're not mad about! Take for example, exhibit A, below;

Highly Likely .png

This spot, Highly Likely Cafe, in a totally unassuming location right in the middle of warehouse looking buildings, on a side street in between Mid City and Crenshaw, could be dubbed as a millennial designer's dream spot. Leather tufted banquets lining one wall, floating tables near the windows, a horseshoe shaped bar in the middle, and a tree, yes that's right, A TREE, to complete the mid century meets modern vibes. 


It's got your typical coffee shop food, with bakery items, breakfast and lunch options including salads, sandwiches, and even a burger and burrito option thrown in. The 'Fish (Don't have) Fingers sandwich smells and tastes like a classic fish and chips order but in sandwich form. 

Street parking is available on Jefferson and the side streets surrounding it. Since it's not a retail heavy street, there's usually a lot of parking. It's a great spot for camping out and getting some studying or creative work done, or having a solid catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee. You might even catch yourself sneaking in an instagram post or two while you're there. :)

Highly Likely

4310 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016

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