Third Wave Coffee at Silverlake's DayGlow

Third wave coffee, a term used in coffee shops like Dayglow, may be old news to baristas around the world but does anyone else really know what it means? (We didn't, so we asked and got the scoop!) It's a movement of coffee enthusiasts that produce high quality coffee and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity. Though Los Angeles isn't necessarily known for it's third wave coffee movement, more and more coffee shops are subscribing to this notion, ditching their automatic espresso machines and joining the cult movement of specialty coffee in LA. 


Though Dayglow has a brick and mortar in Silverlake, the real magic happens online.  Founder Tohm Ifergan has created an online community of coffee lovers ranging from the "Fanatic" to the "Casual" coffee drinker, providing subscriptions for coffee delivery right to your house. The subscription titles range from Casual to Fanatic, allowing you a delivery once every other month, or as often as every 10 days. Tohm has teamed up with some of the best roasters in the world to provide for their subscribers a carefully curated selection of these world class roasters. 

The storefront in Silverlake adds 'depth to the online marketplace', featuring two coffees available online, La Cabra from Denmark and Little Wolf of Massachusetts. The shop itself is small but the perfect Silverlake hole in the wall experience. I'm not sure what made them choose the color scheme of white, pink, gold, and a green textile accent wall, but we love the vibe and the single origin coffee! 


3206 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Amanda BrookeComment