Romancing the Bean- A Coffee Ice Cube to Remember

It's not every day you get to experience a coffee ice cube. What exactly does that mean? Instead of frozen water, coffee is frozen into ice cubes and served with iced coffee beverage. When normal ice cubes melt, the water naturally dilutes the coffee and leaves you with a watery latte. When the coffee ice cube melts, you just have that much more coffee in your latte. The idea of coffee ice cubes was a cool enough idea for us to say yes to checking this spot out, and it didn't take but a couple seconds before we knew it was love at first sight. 

With a stunning old yet modern and elegant interior, walking inside the shop makes you feel like you've left Los Angeles and landed something like a home in the South of France. With a tall dark leather banquette on one wall, chandeliers decorating the ceiling, and a large, free standing table, the interior is classy, cozy, and inviting. Attention to detail is something you can see is a value to the Romancing the Bean owner, Kerry Krull. Not only did she open the cafe, the entire menu is her accomplishment. After closing down the first location, then graduating culinary arts school, Kerry opened her Magnolia Park storefront, pairing her love for a freshly roasted cup of coffee with her passion for the culinary arts. She uses only the freshest, organic ingredients she can find, which often times includes local farmer's market items. 

The opening of Romancing the Bean became a family affair when Kerry commissioned her daughter to design the new interior of the shop and her son to set up the entire computer system. The Krull's value for family shines bright through their business, as they like to claim their employees as not just employees, but extended family. With coffee ice cubes, a gorgeous interior and a family atmosphere, we're sure it'll be love at first sight for you too. 

Romancing The Bean

3414 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

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