What Is FolkLA:

Living in Los Angeles is a wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring endeavor. Unfortunately, the joys of LA living can be overshadowed by worrying about rent, stressful traffic, navigating your destination, parking once you get there... the list goes on. Here at FolkLA, we hope to provide you a comprehensive guide on how to enjoy all that LA has to offer. We hope that with our help, LA can be a little easier to navigate, so you can spend the rest of your energy and creative juices on staying inspired and focusing on why you moved to LA in the first place. 

As we started to get the word out, many people thought our website may not be applicable to them, for fear of not being "hipster" or "folksy" enough. Don't let the name fool you. 

"FOLK" is defined in two ways; 

               noun: informal: people in general

                   adjective: of or relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation.

Further research on the word shows that folk refers to people as the carriers of culture. I think it's safe to say that we all fit under this category, and should aspire to, as it's the folks of LA that show the rest of the world what the culture of LA is really like. 

Join the conversation with #folkla and let us in on what slowing down in a fast city looks like for you. 

How to use folkLA:

FolkLA exists to encourage and help new (and seasoned) Angelenos navigate life in the city. Whether it be where to find the best Thai food in your neighborhood, hosting a dinner party for friends on a budget, or hearing the stories of other achievers like yourself who have moved to the city and fought for a dream. FolkLA exists to connect and bridge the gap between the challenges of LA living, to thriving in all that Los Angeles can offer. 


FolkLA is divided into Four Regions


Central LA

Northeast LA

San Fernando Valley 

Where To:

Because there are so many places to eat ant drink in LA, we’ve divided the Where To EatWhere to Drink, sections by region and it's respective neighborhoods. The other section in our Where To, like Thrift and Explore are places we’ve found all over the city. Highlighting all the best and potentially overlooked spots in the city that we'd like to introduce you to. 

We Love:

Hearing how people have done it successfully empowers and encourages others to believe they can do the same. Under the We Love section, interviews with business owners, creative personalities, people in government and justice will be highlighted along with products we love that call LA home, and helpful reviews on different restaurants and attractions around the city.

The List:

We’ve created our favorite spots for some of what LA does best, like Ramen, Tacos, and Donuts, (All rather surprising.) Here you can find our top 10 favorites of the city!